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You do life we’ll take care of the ride. 

With Volkswagen MasterCars, we’re committed to making every part of your pre-owned vehicle journey, from purchase to ownership, as safe and enjoyable as possible. Which is why, just like your Volkswagen, our EasyDrive MasterCars Maintenance Plans are designed with you in mind. These plans offer affordable and easy to understand pricing while guaranteeing dedicated services by our world-class, qualified Volkswagen technicians.

EasyDrive MasterCars Maintenance Plans ensure that your pre-owned Volkswagen vehicle operates smoothly and effectively through every drive by only fitting and replacing worn components with Volkswagen Genuine Parts.

It’s now easier than ever to make use of your EasyDrive MasterCars Maintenance Plan, as they are valid at all Volkswagen MasterCars Dealerships.

Choose EasyDrive MasterCars Maintenance for your vehicle 

When purchasing a Volkswagen MasterCar, you have the peace of mind of making your purchase through a trusted Volkswagen dealership. This means any dealership you buy from is backed by the MasterCars Brand Promise. So, you can be sure that your pre-owned vehicle is not only less than 5 years old and has travelled less than 120 000 km but gives you the following benefits:

EasyDrive Benefits
EasyDrive Maintenance Plan

Volkswagen EasyDrive Maintenance Plan

This fully-comprehensive option covers all costs (Parts and Labour) associated with:

  • Scheduled services
  • Repairs of defective components
  • Any wear-and-tear items (excluding tyres) that need to be replaced
  • Roadside Assistance
  • This plans covers manufacturing defects relating to mechanical and/or electrical component failures.


  • Approved and administered by Volkswagen South Africa.
  • Immediate and complete cover on valid claims.
  • Immediate authorisation of valid claims.
  • Accepted at all Volkswagen Dealers nationwide.
  • Free 24/7 Roadside Assistance *Only available for Maintenance and Warranty plans.
  • The fitment of Volkswagen Parts by Volkswagen qualified technicians.
  • A full-service history ensures a higher resale value for your Volkswagen.
  • All Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Plans are linked to each specific vehicle and are therefore fully transferable to the next owner.

Plan Pricing

Models Option Retail Price

1 Year



2 Year

R5 589



R13 191

Polo Sedan, Vivo

1 Year



2 Year

R5 589



R13 191

Polo, T-Cross

1 Year



2 Year

R5 900



R14 387

Golf, Tiguan, Jetta, T-Roc

1 Year



2 Year

R7 268



R17 423

Passat, Arteon

1 Year



2 Year

R8 855



R22 598

Kombi, Caravelle

1 Year



2 Year

R12 133



R28 888


1 Year



2 Year

R20 988



R55 200

EasyDrive MasterCars Maintenance Plan

Our full maintenance plan caters exclusively for your MasterCars purchase and is available for you at the time of the purchase of your MasterCar. The EasyDrive Maintenance Plan means your car expenses remain as low as possible. All you need to pay for is fuel and tyres and Volkswagen takes care of the rest of your vehicle’s maintenance. This includes, standard services and the replacement of any defective components.

The EasyDrive MasterCars Maintenance Plan comes standard with Volkswagen legendary and comprehensive Roadside Assistance. So, when those rare and unexpected breakdowns happen you’re fully covered.

The good news is that our EasyDrive MasterCars Maintenance Plans give you the choice of a 1-year or 2-year product plan with a single price for each option, ensuring transparency and simplicity with your plan. Our plans are also competitively priced, starting from as little as R4 860. 

EasyDrive Vehicle Plans can be purchased as an add-on or stand-alone product. It can run concurrently with an existing warranty and/or service plan on the vehicle, or can be purchased for a MasterCar without any active warranty or service plan.

The EasyDrive MasterCars Maintenance Plan is fully transferable to another vehicle in case of a sale or an unfortunate write off as a result of an accident.

EasyDrive Warranty plan

The Standard Volkswagen Warranty Plan

This plans covers manufacturing defects relating to mechanical and/or electrical component failures.

All we need from you

A standard 80-point check must be completed before the purchase of the EasyDrive MasterCars Maintenance Plan and the maintenance plan must be purchased at the same time as the vehicle.

Talk to your Volkswagen dealer about our EasyDrive MasterCars Maintenance Plan.

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Added Value Warranty Protection

EasyDrive Terms and Conditions

It’s important to know that certain T’s and C’s apply to our EasyDrive Vehicle Plans.